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News von unseren Medizin-Studenten

John-Om arbeitet gegenwärtig als Krankenpfleger und unterstützt die lokalen Ärzte, welche in seiner Heimat - dem Chin State - unter schwierigsten Bedingungen versuchen, eine medizinische Grundversorgung aufrecht zu erhalten. Seit Monaten sind die Internetverbindungen als Folge der Kampfhandlungen unterbrochen.

Khin Khin wrote: My current routines are still going smoothly, online courses, volunteering work in the tele-consultation page etc. My everyday life is still passing sometimes with full confidence while sometimes with a guilty mood, but it is not for only me, such a kind of feeling that will exist in every teenager from Myanmar right now since then our campus lives are lost. I am considering waiting for a sufficient time because of my safety as it would be under life threatening conditions by soldiers or any local defense forces. Our senior batch is now reopened by force and about 20 per 500 students currently attend. But most are waiting until they are in a safe zone. Currently there is a civil war.

Min Ko wrote: I am now attending medical online classes, and trying to keep in touch with the medical lessons. I am also improving my English skill. I am also planning to work at my cousin's clinic. If I go to university at this time, they might arrest me and hurt me by asking for information about my warrant-listed friends. I would like to put on hold my study until our elected civilian government is back. All the Burmese lives are really down since the coup.

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