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I have just passed my third year of university in last year and I was in grand viva of microbiology subject and hopefully to pass with credit. The result-marks can be found after university life surely. Now I am in summer holidays for about one month and preparing for next academic year. I am studying textbooks/prescribed books now for previous year in my uni because of some parts of headings that missed to study well and try well. Next year, I will be in residential field trip for about one month around the countryside and it will be so enjoyable and happy trip with my classmates. This trip will be participated by all the members of our batch. These will include duties of medical education, field examination and investigations around township that we will select on, vaccination and hand-washing course. Now my study had last for 3 1/2 years and still left for about 3 years (because total study time for a medical student is about 7 years). I have just passed half of this. In this summer holidays, I will have computer training course for one month starting on 1st April , 2019. Because RFT report will be on our rector in next year and so good skills of english and computer are necessary there. In next year hospital posting, I will have to study Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OG) and child (paediatrics) subjects and this will help in my clinical life and carrier. I hope also you are in good health and enjoy this. Khin Khin

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