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I am writing about my family to you. We are a big family actually. I have got two brothers and one sister. My elder brother graduated in Education the previous month. My little brother had sat for Matriculation examination. So we are waiting for his result. My younger sister had finished The Grade-8 recently. My mother is a teacher and she teaches at High School in the village which is nearly 25 miles far from our hometown which is Mindat. It takes about 2 and half hours to get there by motorcycle. So she had to stay there during school seasons. She came back home only when she got long holidays. We cannot live together at home as we live and study in different towns. My father was a farmer. But in 2007, he went abroad for making money. But he could not come back either alive or dead. He died there on 2 February 2012, the day before the day he were to come back. So we buried his photos on behalf of him. He was 36 when he died. This is a little about my family. - Let me describe a little bit about myself. I am over 18 years now. My Christian name is John. When I was young, we lived in the village where my mother was posted. It was not stable. We had to transfer from one village to another. And I had to study in the village till I was in Grade-8. When I finished grade-8, I studied grade 9 and 10 in my hometown. I failed in the Matriculation exam and I had to study one more year. My second attempt was going well and I passed the exam with distinctions in four subjects. So I applied for the Medical school and I was accepted. My mother was not only happy but also worried when I was to go to the Medical University because the fee for studying is expensive. We applied for scholarship for Medical student. But I was not chosen. Fortunately, the priest in my hometown help me to apply for scholarship in your Organization. Then I applied and you decided to help me. It helps me a lot in my studies. Now I am studying medicine in my second year. I can take tuition classes. I am happy with my studies although it is stressful. And I may say "Thank you" again to you. With best regards Naing Shing Om

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