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Unsere Medizin-Studentin hat einmal mehr mit den besten Noten das Semester abgeschlossen. Sie darf ihr Land an einem dreitägigen Wettbewerb aller asiatischen Nationen in Malaysia vertreten.

Sie schreibt: Now I am in third year course and studying right now. I am in a new class where I study three subjects this year and also hospital posting about medicine and surgery. I am in study at Thingangyun sanpya hospital medical unit. I bought a stethoscope, clinical hammer, clinical torch-light, instruments for examination of nervous system and also so many accessories that are essential for my hospital posting. Also I take tution just near my place so that I wil study more details and work hard. I am having now my english class at my uni. I am attending this class with my friends. As for learning, I have to do practicals and clinical practice with patients and other colleages. Also I am appointed as class leader in my medical unit and trying to get more communication skills and relationships with teachers and classmates. Khin Thit

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