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For me, Last March 24, I had a local camp in Pyi Oo Lwin. It's about action for diabetes type 1 camp founded by Mr.Jerry Gore, Charlie Tommey. We had to test the children emotional, diabetes level, their diet and check their result more effective or not.

They are poor.All the children must check their blood sugar level thrice or forth a day, twice at least. We did many performances,many games.This was fun, graceful. We also noted their lives , also the successful lives though they have type 1 diabetes - like Charlie - is hiker ,how he test his blood level while hiking icy mountain.

It lasts 3 days and I got special experiences.Next year , I will also try to join this camp.

Below is about camp information,you can find my rare photos in this page.

Well, from this May , I have dissection of dead bodies.We first pay respect to dead bodies as they said. We also start integrated teaching ( the teacher give the title, we have to learn all the medical ways concerned, medicine, micro, pharmacology, forensic, anatomy, physiology ,etc) .I think most about university always teach like that .But here, we are just starting.

We usually meet with Mr Roman whenever he come to Myanmar.I invite you to come here if you are free. All the best, Ahant Min Ko.

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