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Khin: My exam result is out tonight. I passed it with pathology distinction and come into another academic year successfully.

My next class will formally be opened in coming May or June but due to current conditions, I can't guess it.

Hope to be safe from this current condition and always pray for it. Also glad to share this best news to you all. I really thanks to you all for my results because it is still up to you all and coz for all your supports. With best regards, Khin Khin

Min Ko: I passed the Final 1 exam. Unfortunately I need to re-answer the Forensic subject in one next month because I got supple for this subject. I’m sure I will definitely pass this supplementary exam. I’m now helping as volunteer commender in Volunteer Task Force UM1 for preventing COVID-19 pandemic. I have to work with Yangon Regional Public Health Centre. COVID-19 is mostly infectious to old age person and respiratory disease patient . Please minimize going outside and stop smoking and be energetic. Wash your hands always. Best regards, Ahant Min Ko

John Om: I am happy to inform you about my exam result. My Exam results were out just a few hours ago. I passed the Exam of 2nd MBBS course. I will attend the 3rd MBBS Course in the next academic year. I am attaching my result pictures. Stay Safe John Om

Die Universitäten und Schulen sind wegen des Corona-Virus geschlossen, deshalb konnten Hein und Heyman ihre Prüfungen nicht beginnen.

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